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Golden Mile GmbH is pooling supply and demand

Freight transportation by air, sea and rail - logistics are midpoint of our powerful engines for the entire business. Transparency and cost efficiency are regarded as maxim of our governing. We cope with the entire chain of logistics. All the way from the originator’s warehouse to the customer’s destination, we provide you with a complete solution. With our storage capacities in multiple locations we offer logistic solutions above-average.


Our business units are continuously developing new applications and business opportunities. A significant part of our work is to enhance our global sourcing, especially the units in China.

Supply Chain

Golden Mile GmbH has an elaborated network of Supply Chain Management and specialists to cooperate with you to provide logistics solutions.

The supply chain services include:

• Order handling process efficiency

• Trustworthy transportation services with various delivery terms based on your request

• Storehouses in 5 countries for safe stock purposes with local services

• Added value services, i.e. goods consolidation, LCL shipments, shipments of liquid and dry bulk, etc.

Having broad knowledge of global logistics and thoroughly knowing the chemical market, we can master the activities better and more cost effectively.


Our storehouse net covers 5 countries and provides a safety stock for customers and just-in-time services from the local storehouses.

Our local main storehouses are located in: